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F2E for Home

F2E for Office

Welcome to Fax2Email!

Our Fax2Email (fax to email) service offers you, in the private and business sectors, the ability to receive faxes directly to your email account!

This Fax2Email service is the result of a green ideology focused on saving paper and energy, coupled with the desire to add convenience and increased efficiency for fax users.

Join our Fax2Email service, obtain a virtual fax number and start receiving faxes to your email inbox instead to an outdated and inefficient fax machine.

Enjoy the convenient, simple and efficient virtual fax service offered by Fax2Email:
  • New! SMS notification every time a new fax is received!
  • New! Send fax using our website!
  • Saving on fax paper and ink.
  • No need to purchase software or hardware.
  • Unlimited fax receiving.
  • Full access for viewing your received faxes in your email inbox.
  • Receive multiple faxes simultaneously on a single virtual fax number.
  • All faxes are confidential and secure.
  • No phone line is needed to receive faxes.
  • No more standing in lines at the office waiting for an incoming fax.
  • Complete portability. Receive faxes when out of office or abroad